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  • Does this program work for any state?

    This program will show you how to obtain a contract to repair and maintain foreclosed properties anywhere in the continental United States.

  • What if I have questions during or after the course?

    30 days of unlimited email support is included with purchase. Please send all emails to support@daniellepierce.com

  • Is property preservation still a profitable industry?

    Absolutely. We are working with clients across the country that are doing very well in their first 12 months in the industry. We believe there is no other industry with such high revenue potential, low barriers to entry and relatively low start up costs.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    1.1 Welcome to the course!
  • 2
    2.1 Course Format and Study Outline - Please PRINT
    • Here's Why This Course Isn't Going To Waste Your Time! ;)
    • What Is Property Preservation?
    • This is the BLUEPRINT - it's important so please give it your undivided attention!
  • 3
    3.1 Here's Why You Should ONLY Want To Be A PRIMARY Vendor
    • Is A Contract Required?
  • 4
    4.1 Nope, you can't ONLY do trashouts - sorry friends!
    • What Type Of Work Is Required?
  • 5
    5.1 Steps To Getting The Contract
    • How To Obtain A Contract
  • 6
    6.1 Do This To Build Your Team
    • Locating And Monitoring Contractors
  • 7
    7.1 NEVER pay by the hour...other tips on paying subs
    • How To Pay Contractors
    • Contractor Payment Tracking Sheet
    • Sample Expense Tracking Sheet
  • 8
    8.1 Do These Things To Become An Approved Vendor
    • Requirements To Become An Approved Vendor
  • 9
    9.1 Confused about bidding? Get clarity here.
    • Bid Preparation Materials and Supplies
    • Example Bid Submission
  • 10
    10.1 No Photos = No Payments; Click Here To Avoid That
    • Photo Requirements and Tips On Creating An Operating Guide
    • Example Maid Service and Grass Cut
  • 11
    11.1 Can I REALLY earn six figures???
    • Revenue Potential
  • 12
    12.1 To Incorporate Or Not?
    • LLC vs Sole Proprietorship - which should you choose?
  • 13
    13.1 Learn How To Calculate Cubic Yards Here
    • Debris Removal
    • Cubic Yard Calculator
  • 14
    14.1 Here's How To Earn More Money with Pre-Approved Line Items
    • Pre-Approved Line Items
  • 15
    15.1 The Best Companies To Partner With, Quick Start Guide and Vendor Tests
    • Quick Start Guide (Utilize After Completing The Course)
    • Website Design For $100 Bucks
    • Vendor Assessment - Alti (Study This To Make Sure You PASS)
    • Answers To Assessment - Alti
    • Sample Vendor Assessment 2 - Study so you can PASS this one too :)
    • Sample Vendor Assessment 2 - Answers
    • Vendor Assessment 3 - Here's How To Pass On The First Try
    • Vendor Assessment 3 - Questions and Answers
  • 16
    16.1 Use These To Create Your Vendor Packet: Vendor Documents, Operating Guides, Sample Price Sheets
    • Subcontractor Agreement
    • Payment Policies
    • Welcome Letter
    • Termination Procedures
    • Subcontractor Application
    • Direct Deposit Authorization
    • Sample Operating Guide - Use This To Create Your Own
    • Sample Regional Pricing Sheet - Pricing To AVOID
    • Sample Price Sheet- ACCEPTABLE PRICING
    • Contractor Screening Questionnaire
    • Contractor Database Log
  • 17
    17.1 Frustrated with Vendor and Insurance Applications? Get Help Here
    • Vendor Application Assistance - MCS
    • Vendor Application Assistance - NFR
    • Vendor Application Assistance - 5 Brothers
    • Vendor Application Assistance- Single Source
    • Insurance Application Assistance - Western World
    • Insurance Application - Hanover
  • 18
    18.1 Your First Contract Is Just Around The Corner
    • End Of Course - Test
    • Test Answers
  • 19
    19.1 I've Applied With All The Companies...Now What?
    • Final Tips...What To Do While You're Waiting For Approval
    • Sample Eviction Work Order
    • Breakdown of Eviction Work Order
  • 20
    BONUS INFO: Obtaining Private Sector Work and Gov't Contracts
    • Private Sector Work
    • Obtaining Gov't Contracts
  • 21
    End of Course - Frequently Asked Questions
    • End of Course- Frequently Asked Questions


  • Danielle Pierce

    Wealth Strategist

    Danielle Pierce

    Danielle is a full time 12+ year real estate entrepreneur. During that 10 years she has succeeded in property flipping, short sales, broker price opinions and property preservation. She owns a company that generated over $1,000,000 in revenue in the last 3 years, solely from repairing and maintaining bank owned properties. Additionally, Danielle has been able to successfully navigate the tax lien auction process for Lake County, Indiana. To date, she has helped dozens of individuals acquire properties for as low as $500 (plus attorneys fees). Danielle prides herself on being able to financially empower men and women to create and sustain profitable real estate businesses. Click here to read 80 Five Star Reviews: facebook.com/daniellepierceonline